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hospital environment

hospital environment

“Healing Environment”– Where medical care meets art in architecture

Many children, even parents, are scared of visiting the hospital, with all the sickness in an uncomfortable environment. This makes their visit to the hospital harder, and they bring home bad memories. However, NTUCH is specially designed to the theme “Sky Castle”, with light blue for the sky, green for the color of nature, yellow shapes for harmony, and lines and boxes as the building’s scenery.

“Health Forest” – Art that sooths a sick child’s discomfort

Inside the hospital, there are many projects that build up the “Health Forest”, such as tree leaves, the moon, lightning, rainbows, and clouds in different colors that create warm feelings. Eight playrooms and waiting areas were specially designed by many famous Taiwanese architects with themes of health, medicine, art, toys, and many more.

While we provide excellent medical care in NTUCH’s “Health Forest”, let your children be cured and healed in a happy place!

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