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The building is about 100 meters tall, with 22 floors above the ground, and 4 levels beneath. It covers a ground area of about 73,871m2. Totally, there are 460 inpatient beds, including 287 beds for general wards, and 173 beds for intensive care units and other specialized wards.

Floor Function
20~21F Dormitory
16~19 F Research laboratories, Medical Genetics Department, Children's Respiratory Therapy
15 F Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology Departments, Physician Offices
14 F Gynecological Ward
12~13 F Pediatric Wards, Playroom
11 F Obstetric Ward, Nursery
10 F Infant ICU, Infant Intermediate Care, Neonatal ICU, Neonatal Intermediate Care
9 F Delivery suites, Labor room, Reproductive Medicine Center
8 F Pediatric ICU, Outpatient Operating Theatre, Cardiac Catheterization Room
7 F Anesthesia Department, Worship Room, Supply Room
6 F Operating Theatre, Recovery Room, Pediatric Surgical ICU
5 F Pediatric Wards, Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, Outpatient Blood Transfusion Room, Breast Cancer Treatment Room
4 F Rehabilitation, Child Mental Health Center, Child Development Assessment & Intervention Center,  Social Work, Oral Health Care Center for Special Needs
3 F Physiological Diagnostic Center, Adult Congenital Heart Center, Medical Imaging, Laboratory Medicine, Outpatient Therapy Center, Playroom
2 F Outpatient Clinics (including Dentistry, Nutrition, Genetics), Breast center, Playroom
1 F Lobby, Service Counter, Outpatient Clinics, Outpatient Pharmacy, Hemophilia Center, Pediatric Phlebotomy Registration and Specimen Collection Center, Family Resource Center
B1 F Food & Shopping Center, Lecture Hall, Conference Room, Inpatient Pharmacy, Phlebotomy Station
B2~B4 F Parking Lots
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